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Queens Crowned in Curls.

July 14, 2016



A sensitive yet popular topic, will always be natural hair! I remember in June or July of 2012 a couple months after I had became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, INC. I decided to stop getting relaxers ( there was a joke on campus about going natural being apart of our process because when a lot of us became members we went natural lol!). Perms were not getting rid of my new growth and it was breaking it off pretty bad. I did not do a big chop, I just stopped getting relaxers and treated my hair like it was already natural. Since then my hair has been cut and colored numerous times! I will give you all some pictures from what I have. Although my hair hasn't gotten super long, I have learned to manage it better and what works and what doesn't work for my hair! Its all still a journey to me! If you want to go natural I encourage you to do it, but do it with caution! It takes tons and tons of maintenance  and time! You can't just decide to stop getting relaxers and your natural, no buddy! lol You've got to put in work! 





Society has put these image on natural hair, that is is nappy and unmanageable. While that may be true if I don't do my hair for a couple days lol that is not always the case! Natural hair is beautiful and powerful! It gives you a sense of freedom,and you cane be yourself unapologetically with an afro. When I went natural it definitely took some time to get use to. Me and my line sister/roommate would be up all night and spend our whole weekend looking at natural hairstyle videos to see what we could do to our hair. At first it was so exciting to try new things on my hair, then I got tired after a while. You have to have that motivation and willingness to do your hair. Also, you don't need 5 different $45 products to get the look you want with natural hair! I went from using 4 or 5 different products when I styled my hair to using  a leave in conditioner, water and an oil. 


Although I am natural I still love my flat irons, I can not help it! Like one day I wake up and there is an urge to have a flat iron in my hand and straight hair on my shoulders. You do whats best for you hair, I've seen people do a No Heat Challenge and their hair will grow tremendously, if only I could join in with that I know I would see major changes! A big thing to growing your hair long from what I've read about and seen is drinking water, eating healthy, and exercising! YES! you hair growing is related to those 3 things. 


Some things to know when deciding to go natural are 


1. Have realistic expectations


There are several different hair textures, don't think just because a friend went natural and she had these big gorgeous locks that you will too.  Being natural is about looking like you and embracing yourself! Don't focus on someone else's hair type. 


2. Encouragement. 


You will need encouragement and probably lots of it! You can always look online for articles, Instagram, or youtube videos. Youtube was my best friend my first year of going natural. 


3.  Patience 


Going natural and being natural takes a great deal of patience. When all the relaxed ends were gone, I immediately wanted to flat iron my hair to see how long it has grown, which wasn't much and I was disappointed. It takes patience for your hair to grow and for you to find the right regimen for you. What will work for my hair, will not always work for someone else's hair, You've got to try different products to see how your hair reacts with them.



4.  Willingness to learn 


You will have to research natural hair and learn things about your hair. Its different than relaxed hair so those things wont always work with natural hair. Youtube taught me how to get the perfect twist out, youtube taught me how to slick back my hair, youtube also taught me how to braid. If you want to keep your hair healthy and grow it long my advice to you is to keep learning! 



Stay Empowered Queens

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